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Task 1 Academic part

Task 1: Understanding what you are writing aboutPrintE-mail
IELTS IELTS Writing Test
from ielts tips
Problems: A common problem with many candidates is that they either…

- copy the title of the task in their introduction or… 

- misunderstand what is being represented in the chart / diagram / graph etc.  

The following exercises are to help you avoid doing either of the two things above because, if you do, it might mean a higher score!

Activity 1

Look at the line-graph below and read the title carefully:

Line-graph questions - IELTS Wrting Module

Now, answer the questions below:

What is being shown? ______________________________.

Where did they visit? ______________________________.

When did they visit? ______________________________.

What is the value of the vertical axis? ______________________________.

What does the horizontal axis refer to? ______________________________.

Tourists are…a) things  b) people c) places

What is the main verb in the title? ______________________________.

Can you think of words with similar meanings for the following words?

a)      visit     ______________________________.
b)      tourist  ______________________________.
When you’ve finished check the suggested Answer Key.
Tip: Before you start to write your Task 1 answer, spend 2-3 minutes identifying the following areas of the task:
1) What is being shown
2) Where it refers to
3) When it refers to
4) How it is measured
5) Who or what is involved (e.g.: “tourists” are people)
6) What the main verb is
7) Any words that you know with the same or similar meanings to the nouns, verbs and adjectives in the title.

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