Thursday, May 20, 2010

Increasing vocabulary through reading

Every day find an article of approximately 250 words. Look in magazines or find an article froma newspaper on the web or in a library. Read the article through and highlight five words you do not know. The words you highlight should be important to the understanding of the article. Look them up and make sure that the meaning you find in the dictionary is the correct meaning as it relates to the article. Keep these words in your own dictionary and review frequently.

Taken from prfect phrases for the TOEFL by Roberta G steinberg.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spelling game exercise

Practice you spelling using this game. Practice adjectives for people.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Do you want to get Band 8 in IELTS? Here is some advice

“My advice to other IELTS candidates will be to time them while they practice as time is of utmost importance while taking the test. When I was preparing for IELTS, I prepared from the past papers book provided by the British Council. The Road to IELTS is also very helpful as it is an interactive guide to studying for the test and also works on your vocabulary.

I used to solve the papers and check the answers and mark myself. Every time I did it, I wanted to beat my past score and do better. Start preparing at least 15 days prior to the test and if you don’t have time to solve the entire paper, solve at least one section of the sample papers everyday.

The Listening and Reading tests are very scoring and easy. All you have to do is listen carefully and go on marking answers at the same time. While attempting the reading test read the questions carefully and read the passages and underline anything you think is important, it will help you spot answers faster.

The Writing and the Speaking tests are not as easy as the Listening and Reading ones so read about different topics and read the newspaper regularly to be prepared. For the Speaking test, even if you don’t know much about the subject speak confidently and be careful about your grammar. If you know you have made a mistake, correct yourself.

Hope this helps. All the best and do well.

- Anuja Gangan from IELTS blog

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The University of Western Sydney’s UWSCollege recently launched the region’s first dedicated IELTS testing centre in a move that will greatly support migrant and refugee settlement programs in Greater Western Sydney.

UWS Vice-Chancellor, Professor Janice Reid said the new centre is another great way in which the University is opening up opportunities and access to higher education for the people of Greater Western Sydney.

“Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveal that 34 per cent of people in the Greater Western Sydney region are born overseas and 29 per cent come from a non-English speaking background, a higher amount than any other parts of Sydney,” she said.

The new IELTS Centre will assist new migrants, refugees and overseas students on the path to greater participation in the community, work and further education.

The centre will cater for about 350 people a session where the candidates will complete individual tests for listening, reading, writing and speaking.

The CEO of UWSCollege, Dr Kerry Hudson, said: “What sets IELTS apart from other English language tests is the face-to-face speaking component, and the security and integrity of testing. The interactive component closely resembles a real-life situation, to really test the students’ English language skills and proficiency.”